Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hip and Trendy Baby Socks

What’s next after crochet booties? .......It’s TRUMPETTE.

These are cute, distinctive socks with shoe-like designs, animal and edgy prints. They are great collections. Why we say so........ because they....
  • able to turn plain looking baby clothing into cute, eye-catching outfit,
  • come in six pairs of different colors for easy wardrobe coordination,
  • worth the money as they hold up in the washer and dryer,
  • come with sticky grips on the bottom that help during crawling and early walking (slip-resistance),
  • stay on. Made of 100% cotton with a little bit of Spandex so your little one won't lost their socks,
  • come in an adorable gift box, you don’t need gift wrapping.
With TRUMPETTE, your baby is sure to dazzle.

Size: 0-12 months

Upsy Daisy Review:
Definitely irresistible and cute. Though it's stated can be worn from o to 12 months, it may last up to 9 months (depend on the size of the baby feet). Our advise is to buy in the early phase of the infant's age so the socks are use to the fullest.

By the way, have we said that TRUMPETTE is Gwen Stefani's favourite.

We also have few designs of TRUMPETTE baby tights.

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