Sunday, November 23, 2008

Huggable Play Blanket

These adorable plush 'Old McDonald' theme blankets are our favourite. Five animals to choose from - Duck, Lamb, Cow, Horse and Bunny. The size of the blanket is 35" x 35".

This is what the blanket looks like when spread out. The plush head and feet are attached at the top and at the end of the blanket.

If these aren't enough, we have two more styles for the tough ones - Dino and Gator.

You can also match these blankets with the 'EIEIO' baby playset collection that fits 0 -6 month old babies.

These are our hotsellers and we are only left with horse and bunny playset.

Decorative Toy Puzzles

These unique puzzles are purely made by hand, all are a breath of fresh air in a modern gadget-filled world. With a quirky sense of playful charm and beauty, they are the answer for parents who want something more.

These are fun educational toys and at the same time can serve as beautiful room decorations.