Sunday, September 28, 2008

Manly Boys

Photos courtesy of Knuckleheads.

Boys....? Nope, we did not forget about the boys. For them, we bring in 'Knuckleheads' from US. They are tough looking lines for the small dudes starting from infants (3 mths old) up to toddlers (5 yrs old). These lines remind us of the 'Grease' year.


Girls who like frills will love Mim-pi, a designer child wear from Holland. Strange right ... as it sounds Malayish. It was actually taken from Indonesian word 'Mimpi' which means 'to dream'. As we all know there was a historical link between Holland and Indonesia, so it comes as no surprise for the Dutch to use some of the Indonesian words.

The clothing is made from the most beautiful fabrics, manufactured with rich prints, applications and embroidery. are some of the styles that we have in the shop. Let us remind you that sizes and quantities are limited so you'd better hurry to be able to grab them. Oh..we forgot to mention, Mim-pi is girl lines only from age 2 years to 8 years old.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Now Everyone Gets a Seat at the Table!

Ever have the experience of having a second thought about dining in a restaurant or the 'gerai' with a baby tagged along. Forget about tantrums because babies do eat quietly if they enjoy the foods. The problem lies more on not finding a seat for the baby or getting an unhygenic child seat. A Canadian brand - mylittleseat TM helps to solve the predicament. It is a compact fabric travel high chair that folds down to a size of a diaper. It can be secured to any chair with a back panel. Such an ingenious creation....a convenient portable high chair. Oh forgot to mention, it does have a matching small bag so it's not out of fashion.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coutured onesies

One would scream CUTE for this adorable onesie!. With a tagline 'From the Crib to the Catwalk', it sure will turn heads. Standing ovation for GLAMAJAMA, the creator of clothing with a distinctive glam meets rock-and-roll look. The 'ruffled-butt' onesies are glammed up with studs and rhinestones that spell out cheeky phrases like 'Diva', 'Superstar', 'Sugar' and 'Love'. Those studs are safe enough for our little ones as they are embedded on the shirt.

We carry sizes 3M, 9M, 12M and 18M.

We also have Lap Tee Pants Set with sparkling studded design on the front of the tee and on the pants.

One piece that looks like separates

Dressing babies are quite a struggle. Let alone keeping their tops from twisting and bunching up, exposing little tummies. STYLEASE is the answer. With its ingenious design you will hardly tell it's really a one-piece. Don't worry about changing diapers. STYLEASE has snaps in the crotch for easy diaper changes. Hey, it is invented by a mother.... ; )

Pictured here are some of the available designs. We have 16 more styles in store.

Age range : From newborn to 18 months