Monday, January 12, 2009

Baby Light & Clip

All parents think if they’re doing things right where parenting matter is concerned. One of the concerns is trimming newborns nails without hurting or cutting their fingers. Giving them mittens is only a temporary solution. How many times do we see the mittens loose out from the tiny hands that tend to squirm and wiggle a lot. Yes, scratching the heck out of their face and left you with the daunting task of cutting their thin yet sharp nails.

The worst part is that the baby little nails are often indistinguishable from their fingers that making cuts are possible . Baby Light and Clip can help to make tasks easier, featuring an integrated light under the clipper that illuminates the area underneath the nail, allowing you to easily see which part needs to be trimmed (and which parts shouldn’t!) and reveals sharp nail edges. There’s also a small compartment that catches baby’s nails as they fall and safety guards covering the corners of the clipper.


* Lighted Nail Clipper

Light illuminates from under baby's tiny nail...…taking the guess work out of just where to safely clip! Trim in dark or dimly lit room while baby's sleeping!

* Safety Guards

Help prevent baby's tiny fingertip from going in between cutting blades.

* Nail Clipping Tray

Helps keep clippings from falling into baby's bedding.

* Comfort Control Handle

For easy holding and maneuvering.

* Travel Case

For moms on the go!

* Includes: AA battery

Upsy Daisy Review:
The Baby Light and Clip is a convenient device for trimming baby’s nails day time or night time. The safety guards do work in preventing accidents. Just be extra careful when placing the nail clipper back to the compartment and the safety guards. You’ll not like to have the safety guards broken.

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