Thursday, December 31, 2009


We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2010. May this new year brings in more happiness and blessings to all.

As for us, Insyallah..we will try our best to bring in more exciting stuffs for 2010.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Expand Your Wardrobe.

Not quite ready to give up your favourite pair of jeans for some stretchy maternity jeans? B-Buckles offers mothers a solution with a stretchy fabric band that fits across the front of jeans. B-Buckles, created by Jennifer Noonan (a well-known celebrity maternity fashion designer) helps in stretching your pregnancy wardrobe.

It looks like a belt buckle, with a little piece of stretchy fabric that has snaps on both ends. To put it on, unbuckle your pants, loop the b-buckle (through the nearest belt loops),snap and go!. So easy...

We only have 2 sizes in store - Small (approx. for 0-4 mths) and Medium (approx. for 6 - 8 months). However, sizing greatly depends on the size of the tummy

Upsy Daisy Review:
The B-Buckles is best used on low rise jeans. Sizes tend to run small so it is advisable to try out before buying as pregnant tummy comes in different shapes and sizes.

Another good thing about the buckle is that it can be used during post-pregnancy. We all know it may take some time to get your pre-baby body back and the B-Buckle is a cute way to continue wearing your favorite jeans. Plus, their cute prints are adorable.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Play with Time

These adorable bubble watches by Streamline are a fun and colorful way for your little one to keep time. See digital time inside a bubble water dome with floaty pieces to play around.
Clock face approx. 1.25", 8 1/2" band and battery is included.

Heart and XO's floaty pieces

A floating basketball

A floating soccer ball

Upsy Daisy Reiew:
A stylish kid's watch even without a mainstream 'character'. Its a vividly colourful watch to play around.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cutesy Bugsy

Happy to introduce 'Bows 4 Azzahra' hair clips in the store. We only have the cute bugs sculptured ribbon clippie at the moment and we hope to bring in more of her creations.

Want to know more about 'Bows 4 Azzahra'?. Feel free to browse her blog on our link at the side bar.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cute Enough to Eat

Here's a recent creation from Baby Bunch - "Lollipop". The Lollipop is a 100% cotton onesie cleverly rolled up to look like lollipop, wrapped in cellophane, tied with ribbons and has a gift tag. The onesies sized to fit infants 0 - 6 months old.

Available colour - red & white stripe, blue & white strip and pink & white strip.

Upsy Daisy Review;
Too cute to eat and too cute to disassemble. A sweet treat for both mom and baby. Don't worry ..they're calorie free.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Colourful Crayons for the Baby

Baby Bunch has come out with a box of crayons for babies...Crayon Rompers! Its a set of 3 bright colourful onesies packed in a box, made to resemble crayons. The onesies are in the 0 - 6 months size and comes in colour red, green and orange.
Upsy Daisy Review;
As always, Baby Bunch is first to come up with original and creative gift ideas. The Crayon Rompers is very impressive and smart looking. Another fun way of gift giving.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Light-Up Clippies

Acting Out Marabou Hair Clippies include 5 flashing red LED Lights. They make a great accessory for hair, clothing, shoes or anywhere you want to add some flash!

We only have white and pink marabou clippie in store.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Return of Baby Bella Maya

These are our best selling baby booties from Baby Bella Maya. Your babies will look totally stylish in the adorable designer booties. The strap on the Mary Jane style booties are attach with Velcro.

Available sizes: 0-6 mths & 6-12 mths.

Some of the booties can be paired up with a matching headband. The soft stretchy band material will fit even the smallest baby well into their toddler years.

Thinking of giving Baby Bella Maya as a gift for a special someone.... No hassle gifts set is available. The set includes a pair of baby booties together with a matching headband and onesie with a print ruffle on the tush. Well presented in an adorable keepsake heart box. Picture Perfect!

Available size: 0-6 mths

Baby Bella Maya Lacy Leggings are a hot new trend! Go cute and sassy with the lacy leggings paired with your baby’s favorite dresses and skirts. Cover diapers in a fun and fashionable way. These amazing Baby Lacy Leggings are a sure way to turn heads everywhere making your baby the center of attention.

Available sizes: 6-12 mths & 12-18 mths.

Upsy Daisy Review;
We introduced Baby Bella Maya booties before and they do have short shelf-life. We don’t even have the chance to blog about them.

Now, we're bringing not just booties but also their new product lines - headband and leggings. Baby Bella Maya have very adorable and brilliant designs. The booties are soft and comfortable with beautiful prints.The leggings are scrumptious looking on a baby leg. Their quality are excellent and each item was carefully handcrafted keeping in mind the safety, comfort and ease of mother and child.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More from Mama Rose.

We are stocking up with some of the run out products i.e. Magic Touch Skin & Diaper Balm, Blossoming Belly Lotion Bar, Chamomile Butter Nursing Care, Lullaby Lotion and Tea Bath.

We also have new items from Mama Rose. Introducing;

Bug Blocker Insect Repellent: Mama Rose's Naturals BugBlocker is a pleasant smelling 100% natural anti-bug spray. It is safe to use on children, and even pets! Enjoy the outdoors without the use of DEET and harsh chemicals. You’ll love how natural and gentle it is to your skin. Can be used on skin and clothing, or sprayed in the air.

Deo Disk: Freshly citrus scented disks are amazing and effective odor control products. They work nicely to help minimize order in diaper pails or wherever you need a fresh, clean citrus scent. They are nontoxic and will last 3-4 weeks.

Herbal Sitzbath Tea (pack of 2 sachets):Powerfully healing organic herbs create a delicate and effective bath soak for childbirth recovery and vaginal discomfort.

Herbs & Oats Soothing Tea Bath (pack of 2 sachets): A comforting blend of organic flowers, herbs and oats creates a sooting bath for the skin and senses of Mamas and babies alike.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fun Life

Bring amusement park fun to your life. These wind up cars will bump around each other just like the real amusement park ride. Their "no fall" function keeps them from falling off table edges for more bumper fun

This handy little fellow will hold your eyeglasses so that they are always in reach and never lying on their lens. Put one by the bedside, one at your desk and anywhere else you are likely to leave your glasses lying about. Every eyeglass needs its keeper and this funny little guy will hold your eyeglasses on his funny little nose.

Available in green, clear and blue
Item approx. 3.25" H

We'll be adding more fun and play stuff in the shop because we take the word "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy" very seriously.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Modern & Comfortable GLUG Clothings

GLUG Baby is based in San Francisco with the goal of creating a simple, modern and fresh line that is inviting for the parents and playful for the tots.

Out of the ordinary cuts, this dress is made of 100% cotton, has a square neck and frilly gathering at the end of the sleeves. 

Extremely simplistic, yet very boutique in nature

Upsy Daisy Review;
GLUG’s cool, modern bold graphic design really stands out on the super-soft cotton material. Suitable for both a casual or fancy day out.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Turn Your Beautiful Belly Into a Work of Art!

Tap into your artistic and creative side by using these colorful water-based paints to create beautiful designs on your belly.

The Belly Painting Kit includes:
  • 8-color, professional FDA approved, water-based make-up palette (black, white, red, blue, orange, pink, yellow & green)
  • Belly Painting Brush
  • Belly Painting Sponge
  • Painting Tips & Design Ideas
  • Sheet of colorful temporary tattoos.
Makes a fun and unique activity for a baby shower!

Let your family and friends each help take part in decorating baby’s home (your belly!) They’ll love using their favorite colors to help create a beautiful picture on you. This activity is sure to bring on the smiles, laughs and chatter!

These belly paints apply easily with water and remove easily with mild soap and water. The possibilities are endless. Have fun and don't forget to take pictures of your uniquely decorated belly! Kit will easily paint 20 pictures covering mom’s entire belly. Any unused paints can be stored for future use, such as for children’s face painting projects.

I'm Proud of my Big Belly!

Introducing a belly cast kit from Proud Body. A new way to celebrate your pregnancy by creating a 3D pregnancy belly cast.
What is a belly cast?
A pregnancy belly cast is a plaster cast made of an expecting mom's beautiful pregnant form. Making a pregnancy belly cast with a loved one in the privacy of mom's home is an easy project that is made in as little as 30 minutes. No mixing of messy materials is required and the end result is a perfect 3D memento of an expecting mom's belly or torso.

A pregnancy belly cast is created by applying several layers of wet plaster strips to the front of mom's body. After the strips have set, they will hold her shape and the belly cast will come away from her body and she will capture how beautiful she looked during her pregnancy.
Proud Body pregnancy belly cast kit includes:
  • 5 rolls of premium-quality casting material (more than any other standard kit on the market)
  • All-natural belly casting lubricant
  • Plastic drop cloth Nitrile (non-latex) gloves
  • Sanding screen
  • Step-by-Step Instructions written in English, Spanish & French
  • Decorating sheet with hundreds of decorating ideas
After a pregnancy belly cast is made, it can be left as is, or painted or decorated in any way. Use acrylic paint to get the best result. A mom's imagination is the limit!

To give you an idea how the cast works, here are some project samples courtesy from Proud Body.

Upsy Daisy Review:
Not really able to give opinion on this as we have not tried on anyone ; ). Taken from user reviews, you do need couple of hands to help you out. Involve husband or sisters or even friends. Make sure you cover your belly (area for casting) with the given lubricant or vaseline if not enough, to easily take off the dry cast. Prepare to get messy. Best used 2 or 3 weeks before due date to get the full-shaped belly. Please read the kit instruction carefully to get the best from Proud Belly.

A fun and one-of-a-kind way to preserve and cherish the pregnancy experience.