Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Preserve the Memories for a Lifetime!

Because they grow so quickly . . . capture those little fingers and toes in clay to create a special keepsake you will always cherish.

Proud Body Clay Keepsake Memory Tin kit creates detailed prints of a child's hand and/or foot in minutes to display or store in the memory tin. You will create a special keepsake of your child's little fingers and toes to cherish forever! It also makes a treasured gift for family and friends.

The kit includes soft, pliable air-drying clay. Its non-toxic clay is safe and easy to use to capture those precious little hands and feet. You won't believe the detailed impression you can make! After you make the impressions, the clay dries into an unbreakable, stone-like material in one to two days.

Upsy Daisy Review:
An easy DIY kit. No mixing of messy plaster, you only need to knead the clay into a ball to make it more pliable (a minute or two will do) and mold into the tin. Gently press the baby’s hand or feet and you’ll be surprise to see the detailed prints it make, deep veins are visible. Air-dry the impression by leaving the tin open.

Our idea suggestion...
Once you’re done with the impression, turn your cast prints into a work of art. Colour it with acrylic paints, add some sparkles etc... just let your imagination run wild.

Here's ours!

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