Friday, December 12, 2008

Baby Medicine Dispenser

Getting a sick baby to take their medicine can be a challenge. Restraining, tipping the head back and squeezing the baby's cheeks are no fun to both parents and babies. Still medication must be given.

Can you imagine your baby taking all of their medicine without resistance.

With medibottle® this is exactly what happens!. medibottle® assures delivery of an accurate dose, while at the same time eliminating the upset for both you and your baby.

Named INVENTION OF THE YEAR and featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and more in the U.S., Upsy Daisy are excited to bring the medibottle® to Brunei.

medibottle® is a combination bottle/medicine dispenser. It lets the baby drink their medicine along with their formula, milk or juice. The medicine is delivered undiluted but with a quick follow of babies’ favourite beverage they’re unable to detect the medicine. You can be sure that they get 100% of the medicine needed.

Clinically tested in hospitals (US), medibottle® ranked #1 in effectiveness at 93% vs. the 2nd place oral dispenser at 57%. Additionally, infant acceptance using medibottle® was 3X greater!

* Free from BPA, Phthalates & PVC
* Uses any standard nipple baby is familiar and comfortable with
* Includes adapter to load syringe with medicine
* Includes two Exacta-Med® Baxa syringes
* Milk/Juice can be poured into bottle without the presence of an oral dispenser
* Includes vented nipple to reduce vacuum effect

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