Saturday, December 19, 2009

Expand Your Wardrobe.

Not quite ready to give up your favourite pair of jeans for some stretchy maternity jeans? B-Buckles offers mothers a solution with a stretchy fabric band that fits across the front of jeans. B-Buckles, created by Jennifer Noonan (a well-known celebrity maternity fashion designer) helps in stretching your pregnancy wardrobe.

It looks like a belt buckle, with a little piece of stretchy fabric that has snaps on both ends. To put it on, unbuckle your pants, loop the b-buckle (through the nearest belt loops),snap and go!. So easy...

We only have 2 sizes in store - Small (approx. for 0-4 mths) and Medium (approx. for 6 - 8 months). However, sizing greatly depends on the size of the tummy

Upsy Daisy Review:
The B-Buckles is best used on low rise jeans. Sizes tend to run small so it is advisable to try out before buying as pregnant tummy comes in different shapes and sizes.

Another good thing about the buckle is that it can be used during post-pregnancy. We all know it may take some time to get your pre-baby body back and the B-Buckle is a cute way to continue wearing your favorite jeans. Plus, their cute prints are adorable.

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