Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Say Hello to Jamie Rae!

Fabulous and fun, these adorable hats by Jamie Rae will make a wonderful gift. Each hat is handcrafted with care and made with a child's comfort in mind. The details are never overlooked and it is apparent in every hat. Made of 100% super soft rib cotton for a comfortable fit and lightweight for year-round wear. Beanie hats can fit 0 to 18 months baby.

Beanie Design

The only design for boys that we have.

Sun Hat Design

Jamie Rae fabulous flower sun hats keep your delicate flower shaded and looking adorable outdoors! Sun hats can fit a 3 months to 12 months baby and from 12 months to 2 years old toddler.

Headband Design

The only headband design that we have for now. Headband comes in two sizes: 0-3 months & 3 - 6 months.

Upsy Daisy Review:
We just can't get enough of Jamie Rae. We had them before and we're bringing them more with their latest designs. Jamie Rae hats definitely making babies irresistible with captivating color and beautiful embellishments. The beanie hat brims can be rolled up or down for the best fit to grow with your baby. They are great for photographs too!


sinjun said...

hi, how much is the tote

Upsy Daisy Boutique said...

Hi Sinjun. Thanks for your interest. The Giggly Year tote is $72.

maia said...

hi, how much is the Beanie hats? so cute..

Upsy Daisy Boutique said...

Hi Maia, the marabou beanie hats (our new arrival) is $37.

Sorry for the late reply.

Sarah said...

hi do you still haf the beanie hats?does it fit a 1 month old baby?n is that all the design?i lyk the feathery ones for my baby

Upsy Daisy Boutique said...

Hi Sarah, sorry for late reply. Didn't realise your comment. The beanies do fit a month old baby as they are stretchable. Yup, that's all the designs for now.