Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coutured onesies

One would scream CUTE for this adorable onesie!. With a tagline 'From the Crib to the Catwalk', it sure will turn heads. Standing ovation for GLAMAJAMA, the creator of clothing with a distinctive glam meets rock-and-roll look. The 'ruffled-butt' onesies are glammed up with studs and rhinestones that spell out cheeky phrases like 'Diva', 'Superstar', 'Sugar' and 'Love'. Those studs are safe enough for our little ones as they are embedded on the shirt.

We carry sizes 3M, 9M, 12M and 18M.

We also have Lap Tee Pants Set with sparkling studded design on the front of the tee and on the pants.

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